Monday, September 24, 2007

Castles and Churches in France

The Chateau of Amboise. We didn't get to go in since I had a train to catch but I did think it looked lovely from the outside.
Chenonceau Chateau. We visited on Sunday. I want to move in.
Sebastien (holding baby Guillaume) and Sophie at Chenonceau.
Chenonceau spans a river. One of the best parts is boats used to come up underneath it with supplies for the kitchen.

Another interesting fact is that during World War 2, the front of the castle was in occupied France, and the back in free France. So you could enter through the front and sneak out the back. Like a spy. So cool.
Baby Guillaume in his stroller. He does not look too happy here.

Me in front of a church in Poitiers. It was Notre Dame de something... Sophie was supposed to give me the town map so I would remember the names but we forgot. Inside, it was really cool. The pillars were painted, which is not something you see everyday.
Cathedral at Poitiers. Remember what I said about not being the best photographer?
Cathedral at Poitiers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canal across the street from Anne Frank's house. This would have been what she could see out her windows.
A boat parade
Sheep in the Dutch Folk Village
Robert & me in giant shoes
Church near Robert's house

Cute lamppost!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brussels, Paris, and Breda

Some kind of arch built by King Leopold, I think. Sorry, I am not doing so well with remembering details of this trip.
I went on this Art Nouveau walking tour that was in my guidebook. I know you can't see it very well, but this house had really pretty windows.
And this house is really cool. It's the Maison Paul Gauchie and I really loved it. I wish I lived in it.
Remember when I went to the Stars of Europe concert? This was the stage.
This is a cathedral right by my hotel that I walked past everyday to get to work. I did go in one day - it was pretty. I think it's called St Giles and St Michel.
This was my dinner one night... yum.
Notre Dame in Paris on a grey and rainy day.
We kept seeing men in kilts that day in Paris... we didn't know why.
I have never seen this fountain (St Michel) without a crowd in front of it, so I took a picture! Apparently rain + Sunday morning = people do not go hang out in front of St Michel Fountain. This is also in Paris.
I met Robert in Breda, in the Netherlands, one Saturday. We visited this place. I honestly can't remember what it's called... Robert? The Bagganage? It's where semi-nuns lived a religious life. We went to the museum and everything, and it was really fascinating. Although neither one of us knows what "home care" means.
Anyway, these semi-nuns (they took vows but they aren't quite nuns for some reason) lived in this lovely courtyarded building as a community.
Now, the lovely courtyarded community is inhabited by women, who are not necessarily religious, but they are single.
A very cute little house in the lovely courtyard. We weren't really sure but maybe this is where the priest lived.
Grand Place. This was very near my hotel.
My shirt, freshly back from the laundry and ready to go to a (blue tie) party!