Monday, June 23, 2008

Andrea & Seth's Wedding

My sister Amanda, and our cousins Lee and Katie.
My family. My dad in the wheelchair, and Leslie, my mom, me, and Amanda.
My cousin Rick, my uncle Steve, my aunt Gigi, and my cousin Anne Yvette.
my uncle Bill.
Andie & Seth
Seth with the wedding cake.
My parents dancing.
Me, my cousin Lindsay, and Anne Yvette
The pretty bride!
The cousins! (Plus three husbands.) Front row: Lindsay and Lee. Second row: Anne Yvette, Katie, Lindsay's husband Drake, Andie, me, Amanda. Back row: Katie's husband Scott, Ryan, Dean, Andie's new husband Seth, Rick, and Leslie.

They got married!
Ryan, my uncle Eddie, Andie, Seth, my aunt Ritamay, and Dean.
Seth, my grandmother, and Andie.
Leslie and Amanda.
Ryan, Andie, and Dean.

The view from the site.
The pool.
The waterfall.
Dean plays the trumpet.
Seth, Eddie, and Andie

The wedding site.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Party in New Orleans!

I went to a party this weekend for my cousin Andie and her fiance, Seth.

Cousins (of me and of each other) Rick and Ryan.
Cousins! Andie, me, Katie, Rick, Lee, Leslie, Dean, Ryan, and Lindsay.
Me, Lindsay, and Andrea.
The band.

Seth and Andie with their cake.
My sister Leslie, Andie, and me.
My cousin Lee, me, and Leslie.