Monday, March 31, 2008

Buenos Aires Zoo

Polar bear

Lake in the entry to the zoo
This was part of a weird exhibit on dragons in what appeared to be old cages.
These were free range! Does anyone know what they are, though?

Baby ducks
This was a really cool building, but it was all closed and boared up.


Pygmie hippo.

La Boca - Buenos Aires

La Boca is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The houses are very colorful because they were painted with leftover boat paint. Allegedly it's not very safe at night, but we went during the day, and it was full of tourists and we didn't have any problems.

La Boca is right near the old shipyard. I think this was some part of a boat. I can't remember why it's significant, though!
La Caminita.

Protests in Buenos Aires

On Thursday night, the president of Argentina gave a speach that was broadcast on, like, every tv channel we had in the hotel. We don't really know what the speach was about, except workers' rights of some sort. Friday, we walked past the Casa Rosada (government house) and there were these protest words painted all over the place, plus tons of police.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Rosenberg Slot, which is a castle. I saw the Danish crown jewels here. As you can see the weather was sub-optimal on this trip, but I do like this photo as it's a bit Hamlet-esque in my opinion.
Same castle, less "dark and stormy night."
St Albans Church near Churchill Park.
I so totally cannot remember the name of this church, but it's famous and really pretty inside. I sat in there for a while, listening to organ pratice and avoiding the torrential downpour outside.
Cute houses and boats!

Ducks in Churchill Park
Windmill in Churchill Park
Churchill Park ramparts.

The Tivoli. This is a famous amusement park in Copenhagen. Because it was winter, though, it was closed so this is the closest I got to it.
City Hall.
Mr Hans Christian Andersen.