Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Me with Melbourne's Christmas tree.

I liked the trams. They reminded me of the streetcars in New Orleans. Especially the green ones.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Phillip Island

Seals were supposed to be here. We didn't see any.
That is a little penguin in there!

View from the boardwalk.

Me at the koala sanctuary.

Koala sanctuary.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Koala House
The fountain at the Cultural Centre. The Cultural Centre is where all the museums are. I saw a great exhibit on Aborigines.

The Commissariat Store, which was convict-built. Apparently, Brisbane was the prison you got sent to if you were too bad for Sydney. I had a guided tour, and I was the only person on my tour. The guide said I ask very precise questions.

I just liked these old buildings.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Australia Zoo

Sea Otters. We watched them getting fed.
Me, petting a kangaroo.

Michael with Ganesh.

Me petting a koala.

a koala.

Michael petting a kangaroo.

Me with a fiberglass crocodile.

Post-Wedding Brunch

Jayne and me.
My cousin Ryan and his girlfriend, Kate.

Grandmother and my aunt Gigi.

Paula and Leslie.

Suzi and her fiance, Matt.

My cousin Katie, her son Michael, and Kate.

Michael, world's cutest kid.

My sisters, Amanda and Leslie.

Leslie & David's Wedding Reception

My sister Amanda and her fiance Jeff.

My aunt Lori and my cousin Zach.

My cousin Anne Yvette and my aunt Gigi.

Me and my mom, apparently, dancing the Charleston.

David & Leslie, dancing.

"The Steves." My uncle Steve (seated) started his own gang. The members are Sarah, Suzi, and Jayne. Their motto is "peace, love, and Uncle Steve."

Leslie, leading the second line.

My dad, giving a toast. And standing without a cane!

Doing the cake pull. This is a special New Orleans wedding tradition where they bake charms into the bottom layer of the cake, and then make single girls pull them out (they are attached to ribbons). The charm is supposed to tell your future. I got the anchor, which I thought meant I was going to meet a sailor, but apparently means "hope."

Cutting the cake. Which was chocolate and delicious, by the way.

The cake.

Father Joe and Andrew. Father Joe is an Episcopalian bishop, and Leslie's godfather. He did the ceremony. Andrew is his son. (can't you tell?)

Jayne, Leslie, and me.

Aunt Ginny, Mom, and Aunt Lori.

Mom and me.

Susan (mother of Andrew, wife of Father Joe) and my mom.

First dance.

Rehearsal Dinner

David, the groom, and his mom.
My aunt Gigi, my mom, me, my aunt Ritamay, my cousin Andrea.

Me and my cousin Andie.

Anna, the flower girl.

The band.

My aunt Anne, my grandmother, Andie.

My sister Amanda and her fiance, Jeff.

My cousins Andie & Lee.

My mom's friend Jodi and my mom.

My aunt Ritamay and my cousin Rick.

My friend Suzi and her dad, Mr. Sebastian.

My granny and my cousin Zach.

My aunts, Ginny and Lori.

me, my dad, and my sister Leslie.