Monday, September 24, 2007

Castles and Churches in France

The Chateau of Amboise. We didn't get to go in since I had a train to catch but I did think it looked lovely from the outside.
Chenonceau Chateau. We visited on Sunday. I want to move in.
Sebastien (holding baby Guillaume) and Sophie at Chenonceau.
Chenonceau spans a river. One of the best parts is boats used to come up underneath it with supplies for the kitchen.

Another interesting fact is that during World War 2, the front of the castle was in occupied France, and the back in free France. So you could enter through the front and sneak out the back. Like a spy. So cool.
Baby Guillaume in his stroller. He does not look too happy here.

Me in front of a church in Poitiers. It was Notre Dame de something... Sophie was supposed to give me the town map so I would remember the names but we forgot. Inside, it was really cool. The pillars were painted, which is not something you see everyday.
Cathedral at Poitiers. Remember what I said about not being the best photographer?
Cathedral at Poitiers.